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One pump, two pumps, ah! Three pump, four pumps, oh? Five pump, six pumps, yikes! Thess are the possible sounds that may escape your lips as you play with the Colt Expandable Butt Plug. I specifically asked to review this plug as per request of my sub as he used to own one but it got destroyed (bad maintenance). And since anal play is a fun regular part of play scenes, I though it would be a great addition.

What you get is a basic shaped butt plug which measures 4.5 inches in length and 1.5 inches in width (the widest point). The insertable plug part measure 3 inches and the neck measure 1 inch and is ¾ inch in width. This should ensure a good hold not allowing the plug to slip out of the anus to easily. The inside plug itself is plastic and a sheath of soft, pliable black latex. At the bottom part a red plastic hose comes out, just over a foot long, and ends with a black valve and a red hand pump.

Before use, make sure all the attachment points are secure or the plug will deflate. To use add lots of water-based lube then slowly and comfortably insert the plug into your anus. Once the butt plug is inside, grab the hand pump and slowly squeeze until you achieve your desired fullness. When you are done just push the button on the release vale and the plug will deflate for easy removal.

The sole purpose of this toy is to feel a complete. The trick is to create a toy small enough to insert past the anal ring that can be augmented once inside. Anal enthusiast will find this the ultimate sensation. Just be careful not to overinflate. It’s like any balloon, at some point it will pop. The inflating plug will conform to you anal cavity. It will be a comfortable fullness but not a major challenging fullness. The plug inflates to an additional 2-3 inches in width. I have a picture below of the plug at a rest state, the second shot is at 6 pumps – what my sub took this time – and the last shot is at 16 pumps – what he claims to have achieved with the one he had. Silly boy, he has to live up to this statement now with practice lol. I asked him to give me a quick resume of his experience while we tested the Colt Expandable Butt Plug:

The advantages are:
– easy to wash, and all the parts removable which make cleaning easy.
– It takes a good expansion with each press of the pump and makes it possible to feel good in just a few pumps, unlike some other toys like that.
– It can go far enough expansion wise without breaking.

The disadvantages are:
– Its biggest disadvantage is that its life may be limited if it is used too often and too intensely. After some time there is a risk that the part that connects the tube to the butt plug loses its integrity and air escapes (which is quite counter productive). At least the part sensitive to breakage won’t harm the person so nothing to worry about.

The quality of the materials is quit decent compared to other similar models. Colt is usually a good bet. Latex is a totally porous material and cannot be disinfected. So this is a one person only toy, otherwise use a condom with it. To wash, use antibacterial soap and warm water. Let it dry completely before storage.

This butt plug can be used by either sexes and can be used by an advanced beginner who has already inserted toys of 1.5 inches in width. To get the most mileage out of this toy you have to take very good care of the connection point and of the sheath of latex. Only use water based lube, never ever use silicone lube as it will disintegrate the latex. In short, it’s a very nice toy but not indestructible. You can purchase the Colt Expandable Butt Plug and a wide range of anal toys at

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